Lash Nano Mister

So what is all the hype about these Lash Misters or Nano Misters, why are we being told it’s a necessity or that it’s the new beaut tool that we as Lash Artists must have. Admittedly they’re not really new they’ve been available for some time now but there are still so many Lashers that don’t use them.

Lets start at the beginning the key ingredient for Lash Adhesive or the ingredient we are most focused with is Cyanoacrylate.  Adhesives do not dry they cure, set or simply harden and this is when the adhesive is at its strongest. What cures adhesive? WATER not air as some lashers still like to believe.  Back in the dark days we would tell our clients not to wet their extensions for up to 24hrs  allowing for the adhesive to draw on moisture floating around in the air so they could completely cure. Those prehistoric days are now behind us ‘halleluyah’

So now we introduce the Nano Mister/Lash Mister and this fantastic little device is simply amazing and yes every lasher should have one…ok im bias and I love my nano and so do my clients.

The Nano is a small device that can be battery charged or USB chargeable and most come with a 30 sec auto timer. You simply fill the small compartment with distilled water ,hold it vertically in front of the eyes at a distance of approximately 15cm, dependent on the device you have just slide open and it releases a super fine mist, the 30sec timer is sufficient to do both eyes and you don’t want a build up of droplets on the lashes.


  1. Clients do not need to wait 24hrs before wetting their lashes
  2. Speeds up the natural curing process
  3. Eliminates lingering fumes
  4. Great for clients with sensitivities and can also be sprayed directly into eyes
  5. Can be sold as an aftercare product and used as beauty tool to hydrate your skin


  1. Must be charged prior to use if using a USB
  2. Will need spare batteries if its battery charged
  3. Can only be used with distilled water

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