Adhesives made Simple

In this Blog I’m going to simplify adhesives and touch base with the most common questions we are asked on a regular basis.

We stock 2 adhesives ADVANCED PRO & ULTIMATE PRO and they are suitable for Classic, Express and Volume Lashing (please refer to our online store for full product descriptions).

They both contain Cyanoacrylate that is designed for use around the eyes, these adhesives don’t dry they must be cured and is aided by moisture hence why we highly recommend the use of our LASH NANO MISTER that will complete the curing action within only 30 secs. The bonding of adhesive and a longer retention is very reliant on the humidity of your room, 60% relative humidity is ideal with our adhesives and this can be measured by purchasing a hygrometer. We had a suggestion that clients who react or possibly have allergies when they have lashes attached are subject to unsanitary products. However this is NOT the case at all and after consulting with many Master Lash Artists and much research it was attained that it’s simply a reaction to an ingredient in the adhesive. This can occur with new clients or clients that have merely built up intolerance to adhesive over a long period of time which explains any redness or irritation.

Our storage instructions are as follows for both our ADVANCED PRO & ULTIMATE PRO adhesives.

  1. For a 6 month unopened shelf life store in a cool dry place eg a dark cupboard. This shelf life can be prolonged to 12 months ‘IF’ they are stored in the freezer before opening. Just remember that you must let the adhesive thaw at room temperature for 3-4 hrs before use.
  2. Once you have opened the adhesive it generally has a life of 8 weeks as do most adhesives but only if the bottle is BURPED, the tip is wiped & stored back in the original zip lock bag with the silica gel pad and placed in a cool dry place standing upright. You can also use a zip lock bag with rice.
  3. We don’t generally recommend storing our adhesive back in fridge after opening as this will cause condensation inside the bottle, however if you are in a warmer climate then that will be fine, just let the adhesive sit for 15-20mins to reach room temperature before using. 
  4. For a more detailed description of our adhesives please view each in our online store

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