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Eyelash Gel Remover 15ml


Our Gel Remover quickly removes the lash extension from the natural lash. Contains No Gamm Butyrolatone. Its thin consistency easily dissolves the adhesive without causing any discomfort to your clients or the risk of leaking into the eyes.

Instructions: Apply eye pad or tape. Using a cotton tip or a micro applicator apply the remover sparingly to the base of the lash line where the adhesive connects the natural lash & extension making sure to cover all lashes including those underneath. Leave for 3 mins and then using a cotton tip or micro applicators gently brush the lashes downwards and the extension will slide off. Rinse with warm water or saline.

Storage: 6 months shelf life after purchase and 12 weeks after opening.  Please consider the safety of your clients and always follow instructions and safety precautions. For professional use only.

Caution: Removers should not come into contact with the skin or inside the eye, flush immediately with warm water. Keep out of reach of children and please seek medical help if ingested.

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