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Ultimate Pro is our ‘ultimate’ adhesive. Its thin consistency makes it perfect for the application of both Classic and Volume lashing. This adhesive is very popular with our faster, more experienced lash stylists.

Please use in conjunction with our Foaming Cleanser and Lash Primer to get the best results.


Bonding time: 2 secs

Retention: 8 weeks

Humidity: 20-80%rh

Viscosity: Thin

Fume: Low, use in conjunction with a Lash Mister if you are concerned about possible sensitivity

Colour: Black

Shelf Life: 6mths unopened with correct storage

Open Life: Up to 7wks with correct storage

Correct Storage:  Before opening keep in a cool dry place between 6-16 degree C. After opening store in the zip lock bag provided in a cool dry place. We don’t generally recommend storing our adhesive back in the fridge after opening, however if you are in a warmer climate and you do store in the fridge its best to let the adhesive reach room temperature before use so let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Must be used below 24 degree C  to get the best retention and to prevent it becoming thick and unworkable.

Caution: Adhesive should not come into contact with the skin or inside the eye, flush immediately with warm water. Keep out of reach of children and please seek medical help if ingested.

Lashes Australia products are for professional use by certified lash artists only.

* We recommend doing a patch test before use to establish any sensitivity.


2 reviews for Adhesive-Ultimate Pro

  1. Ariel

    One of the best I’ve used!! Love it !!

  2. Jarrett

    Great glue

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