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Lash Mapping will benefit everyone from beginners to the most experienced of LashArtists, this is your way of planning the perfect set of lashes for your clients. Its so simple just follow the 3 steps below 1. Start by putting your eye pads in place, you can still create a map using tape 2. Analyse your clients eyes, what shape, are they wide or narrow, deep set or hooded? These are important factors to consider before applying lashes, do you really want to  apply heavy, long lashes to someone with small narrow shaped eyes? definitely not. 3. Using a pen begin by marking the placement of your chosen lash lengths, please dont be afraid to vary your thickness of lashes,...

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     So what is all the hype about these Lash Misters or Nano Misters, why are we being told it’s a necessity or that it’s the new beaut tool that we as Lash Artists must have. Admittedly they’re not really new they’ve been available for some time now but there are still so many Lashers that don’t use them. Lets start at the beginning the key ingredient for Lash Adhesive or the ingredient we are most focused with is Cyanoacrylate.  Adhesives do not dry they cure, set or simply harden and this is when the adhesive is at its strongest. What cures adhesive? WATER not air as some lashers still like to believe.  Back in the dark days we...

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In this Blog I'm going to simplify adhesives and touch base with the most common questions we are asked on a regular basis. We stock 2 adhesives ADVANCED PRO & ULTIMATE PRO and they are suitable for Classic, Express and Volume Lashing (please refer to our online store for full product descriptions). They both contain Cyanoacrylate that is designed for use around the eyes, these adhesives don’t dry they must be cured and is aided by moisture hence why we highly recommend the use of our LASH NANO MISTER that will complete the curing action within only 30 secs. The bonding of adhesive and a longer retention is very reliant on the humidity of your room, 60% relative humidity is ideal...

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